In Memory of

John P. Robertson


Who Died in 1963

Age N/A

Service Number 73601

Regiment/Unit: 28th (North-west) Battalion

Citation: N/A

Honors and Awards: N/A

Additional Info: Information and photo provided by his Great-grandson, Derek Robertson.

My Great-grandather, John Robertson, served in the Canadian Army through the first war. He enlisted into the 28th in 1914 and served with them until he was categorised as medically unfit and posted as a 'B1' man in the summer of 1917, fortunately for him, just in time to miss Passchendaele. He made it to the rank of Acting Lance/Sergeant in the 28th but, in January 1917, he was court-martialled at the front for a minor offence and reduced in rank back to Private. There is a family story in connection with the incident but as usual there is no concrete evidence for the story. Like so many others of his generation, he never spoke of his wartime experiences and took his memories to the grave with him. He died in 1963 in Hawick, Scotland, where I am now. He had emigrated to Canada just prior to the war to find work, but, with the end of war, he returned to Hawick.

John wasn't the only Hawick man to serve in the 28th Battalion. A friend of his, Robert Myles Elliot, served in the Battalion until he was killed at Ypres in May, 1916. The two are shown below, John Roberton on the left and Robert Elliot on the right, in a photo taken when they both played for Hawick Waverley Rugby Club in 1906.

It has always surprised me how the two knew each other at home and when they emigrated seperately, would have met again on the other side of the world.

Derek Robertson

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