In Memory of

H. C. Baker


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Regiment/Unit: 28th (North-west) Battalion

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Additional Info: Corporal Baker recalled the 28th entry into the village of Passchendael on November 6, 1917.

"The buildings had been pounded and mixed with the earth, and the shell-exploded bodies were so thickly strewn that a fellow couldn`t step without stepping on corruption. Our opponents were fighting a rearguard action which resulted in a massacre for both sides. Our boys were falling like ninepins, but it was even worse for them. If they stood up to surrender they were mown down by their own machine gunfire aimed from their rear at us; if they leapfrogged back they were caught in our barrage. They started to counter-attack. Our SOS flare went up: our artillery thundered and sent a screening barrage over our heads; machine guns and rifles blazed; the earth and the air quivered. Hades was let loose all over again. I've never experienced anything like the savagery of that assault. I was burning. My eyes, my nostrils, my throat, even deep in my lungs seemed to be on fire and, no matter what I did, I couldn't stop shaking. We were relieved at nightfall on the seventh. A sentry directed us to a covered-in stall, and here a comrade was ladling out hot soup. I will never forget that bowl of soup. When I've forgotten every sumptuous meal I've ever had, I'll still remember that bowl of good hot soup after seventy-two hours' sleepless battle."

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